Outdoor summer holidays with kids have never been easier! The Surflife Family Camp in Tocha is a small family surf camp founded by friends from all over the world. We’re located directly by the little sea side town Praia da Tocha, which offers you restaurants, bars, ice cream parlours and many more possibilities to dive into genuine Portuguese culture. Our home provides us with everything we need to create a unique surf camp experience for families. The camp is based on a fully set-up campsite with sanitary facilities, swimming pool, a café/bar and a playground, which are free to use for all of our guests. Enjoy the relaxed summer time in our family-friendly community!

Our surf camp is shaped by families for families. We have designed our holiday package so kids can be kids and parents can find some quality-time for themselves. Every member of your family can find the perfect holiday fit! We offer different activities from beach games, skating, yoga and, of course, surfing. Next to adult surf lessons for every level, we’ve specialised on surf lessons accustomed to kids.



We are a little community of ocean-lovers, outdoor-explorers and happiness-chasers, who decided to settle at the sunny West coast of Portugal Centro. Here, we’ve created a playground for holiday wanderers to be active, make friends and chill out. We are a very committed family of friends from all over the world: Our head of the surf camp Julia and our photographer Kate are coming from Germany, our surf coach Sam is from England. From Belgium we’ve recruited Sien, our camp hostess, and the camp chef Tim. Our head of wellness Clémence is from France – and our camp toddler and mascot Nia was born in Portugal!
We can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to our light and social way of life in our surf camp in Praia da Tocha.


Pricing varies per week, for a detailed overview see our overview per week.


Your family will be sharing a spacious tipi tent for four people. In our community area you’ll find an open and equipped kitchen with a shared fridge and several hobs. For physical and mental well-being we invite you to our relax zone where we offer Ayurvedic massages.

video impression


Surflife offers professional surf lessons for all levels taught by experienced and qualified instructors. They are passionate about teaching you how to surf. Surfing is a water sport that requires a lot of patience and good instruction. By taking surf lessons you can speed up the learning process significantly and quickly catch your first wave. This way you’ll get to know the basics of surfing in only a few days time and maximize the fun of being in the water. Don’t hesitate and book your surf lessons.


Our family package includes a breakfast buffet and on five evenings per week our chef will cook international dishes accompanied by fresh salad and dessert. We cater for vegetarian and vegan diets, too. Two days a week we’ll give you the opportunity to join our organised trips to a local restaurant and the city of Porto to dive into the Portuguese culture.

Things to do

During the week there are multiple activities you can join. Challenge your self and bring new passions home.


We can imagine you still have questions left about your surf adventure. Please look into our frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer here, feel free to always get in touch with us. We do our best to help you as soon as possible.

I booked through the website but have not yet received a confirmation?

Check your junk mail! It often happens that spam filters regard our mails as advertising or spam. The confirmation emails arrive at the e-mail address you booked with.

Still not? Then you should send an email to

How can I book the activities?

We offer fun activities at our destinations. You can book these with the crew on site. The prices and description of the activities on our website are subject to change. The prices can deviate on the spot. It is also possible that activities sometimes deviate from the description. This may be due to a changed local situation. Keep in mind that if there is too little interest in an activity, it will not be organised.

Participation in excursions is on a voluntary basis and always at the risk of the participants.

What are the bank details of Surflife?

The following data can be used when you want to make a payment to us:

ING Bank in Amsterdam

IBAN: NL72INGB0006663982

It is important that you mention your reservation number during the transfer

When do I have to pay?

As soon as you have received the confirmation from us, you must pay a deposit of 30% within 8 days. The remaining travel sum must then be received by us at least 6 weeks before departure. Pay attention! You will not receive a new invoice for this.

If you book a holiday within 6 weeks before departure, it is necessary that you immediately transfer the entire payment to us.

After booking, the main booker receives the invoice by mail. Payment terms are stated on this invoice.

Can I book an extra person?

It is often possible to book one or more people. This depends on the accommodation you have booked.

When your accommodation is suitable, we calculate the travel sum for you. The person who is booked will receive the new travel sum. The previously booked persons keeps the old travel sum. This does not change.

If you want to book a person, the lead booker can send a mail. Of course, the main booker can also contact us by telephone via +49 15733989229.

Can I decide on spot if I want to stay an extra week?

You can decide this on the spot, but we can not guarantee anything.
Chances are that the camp is full for the next week, if you reserve in advance you will not run any risk!

How can I cancel my entire holiday?

If you cancel your holiday, we will charge you the cancellation costs according to our conditions. A cancellation is therefore not free of charge. The lead booker is the only person who can pass a cancellation.

Cancel the entire booking outside of 7 days before departure:
Tell us about your cancellation by e-mail, preferably with a reason. Within a few days after the cancellation, you will receive the cancellation invoice by mail. Have you already paid but you still get money from us, please mention your account number in the cancellation e-mail and we ensure that it is refunded as soon as possible.

Cancel the entire booking within 7 days of departure:
If you leave within 7 days, you can cancel the booking by e-mail but also call us at +49 157 33989229!

What are the costs if I have to cancel?

We calculate costs according to our conditions:

If an agreement is canceled, the traveler will owe the following cancellation costs in addition to any reservation costs due:

– If you cancel more than 1 month before the trip, you pay 35% of the reservation value to the entrepreneur.
-To cancel more than 14 days before the trip 60% of the reservation value to the entrepreneur to pay.
– If you cancel more than 7 days before the trip, pay 85% of the reservation value to the entrepreneur.
-If canceled 7 days or less before the trip 100% of the reservation value to the entrepreneur to pay.

What other options are there except cancel?

In addition to canceling, you also have the following options:

Let someone else go instead of you:
The head booker can let someone else in your place. Until 1 week before departure, the head booker can change the name by e-mail at no additional cost.
Within 1 week of departure, it is only possible to notify changes by telephone.

Rebooking the holiday:
Up to 4 weeks before departure, the head booker can change the holiday. We do not charge any additional change costs for this. Please note that if the travel sum is higher, it will be charged to you.

If you want to change the holiday, you can send us an e-mail. Of course you can also contact us by telephone via +49 157 33989229

Do you supply linen?

Yes, we supply clean cotton linen for every person.

Do you supply towels?

No we don’t. Please bring your own and don’t forget your beach towel!

Do you take into account vegetarians and / or food allergies?

Absolutely, indicate this in the booking or send us an email with your wishes or requirements. Do you need specific ingredients? Then it is advisable to take this with you and hand it over to our chef. Not everything is available in the local supermarkets.

Are evening dinners included?

Yes, on five evenings per week our chef will cook international dishes accompanied by fresh salad and dessert – made from fresh ingredients and with lots of love!

What food can I expect?

Healthy food, made with fresh products. We also have a bar where you can buy cold drinks and snacks after your long surf day.

I have never surfed before, do you offer a package for me?

About 60%-70% of our students have never surfed before so don’t worry about being the only beginner. The only experience you need is to be comfortable swimming in the sea and be able to tread water for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Do I need to pre-book activities?

In summer months it is recommended to pre-book your surf lessons as we can get quite busy. Our team of friendly hosts can assist with booking all your other activities upon arrival.

I have some surf experience and want to work on more advanced manoeuvers, do you offer an option for me?

Yes, we work with students on intermediate and advanced levels of surfing including competitive surfing tips and a weekly video analysis. Let us know whilst booking that you have some surf experience and we’ll fit you in the right group for your skills.

What is the ratio of students to instructors and what are the qualifications of the instructors?

Our student to instructor ratio varies depending on the students ability level. In the kids level we teach with a maximum of 3-4 kids per instructor. If you are an adult first time surfer we try to keep a ratio of 8-1. In the intermediate/advanced groups we have a maximum of 5 students per instructor.

All instructors have years of surfing/ teaching experience as well as CPR certification. Instructors are handpicked and trained by the International Surfing Association here in Europe.

Is there a lifeguard at the beach to keep me safe while I'm free-surfing?

All beaches we use do have lifeguards on duty at our location all summer. If the conditions are too dangerous, which is rare, we don’t go in the water and organise other activities.

What is the address of the campsite?

Surflife Family Tocha
Rua dos Pescadores Nossa Senhora da Tocha
3060-691 Praia da Tocha – Cantanhede


We come with own transport, at what time can we check in?

With your own transport you are welcome from Saturday afternoon 15 o’clock. We have a common dinner and camp introduction at 19 o’clock.

Do you offer car parking?

You can park your car in front of the campsite on a private parking.

Why take out travel insurance?

The average cost for overseas medical treatment is £2,040, but can be much higher.

For example, in one case treating multiple fractures and an artery tear in the USA, a British citizen was forced to take an air ambulance back to the UK.

The cost of the treatment and transport was close to £500,000.

  • Getting medical care on holiday could cost you thousands of pounds.
  • Travel insurance that covers getting you home and medical expenses is essential.
  • Other insurance – like credit card accident cover and private health insurance – doesn’t cover most travel emergencies.
  • Without insurance, you might have to cover emergency expenses on your own – the British Consulate is unlikely to help you.

What does travel insurance cover?

Most policies include cover for:

  • Lost or stolen bags*
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • The costs of cancelling, delaying or cutting your trip short*
  • Personal liability, in case you’re sued for damaging property or causing injury

*Baggage and cancellation cover might be additional extras within some policies.

What isn’t covered by travel insurance?

There are some common things you should watch out for:

  • If you’re over 65 or have a medical condition, you might need specialist insurance. If you have a medical condition you have to tell your insurer if asked or risk invalidating your insurance policy. When you buy insurance you must answer all questions about your circumstances and health honestly. You have to include everything, even if you think it’s not important, for example taking regular tablets for high blood pressure or angina. If you don’t your policy won’t be valid.
  • Adventure sports, winter sports and any ‘dangerous activities’ are often not covered as part of a standard travel insurance policy and you might need extra cover.
  • With most policies, you aren’t covered for travel to countries or regions that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommends avoiding – view the latest list on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website
  • Coverage for strikes, civil unrest, earthquakes, acts of terrorism and epidemics such as SARS varies.

Do you still need travel insurance if you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)?

  • With an EHIC (formerly E111) you get the same level of state-provided medical care as someone who lives in the country you’re visiting. It’s valid in all European Economic Area countries and Switzerland.
  • The downside is that the local level of care might not be the same as what you’d get in the UK. You’ll also need to pay for part of your bills, if that’s how the local system works.
  • EHIC won’t cover the costs of repatriation – getting you back home – after a medical emergency on holiday could be very costly.
  • If you use an EHIC to get medical care, some insurers won’t ask you to pay the excess on your medical claims.
  • While it’s worth getting an EHIC, it’s not enough on its own. You should still get travel insurance that includes medical and repatriation cover.

Can travel insurance represent good value?

The main benefit of travel insurance is in having emergency medical cover on holiday.

  • What happens if you have a bad fall on the ski slopes and need a helicopter to a good hospital?
  • How would you cope if one of the kids fell ill – even with something minor – in the US or another country with sky-high medical costs?

With those costs covered, you’ll quickly realise the value of having a holiday insurance policy.

The cover you get for personal possessions can be covered under your home contents insurance policy.

It’s best to check whether you have this already before you add it to your travel policy.

Some travel insurers will give you a discount if you exclude baggage cover.


contact Lisa


We respond to e-mails as quickly as possible, but often it nicer and faster to speak to one of us by phone, so please call us.


This is just a short impression, visit our Instagram to experience the Surflife Vibe.

Price overview Custom





Dates and availability 

Arrival and departure 

Tipi Tent Price
per adult
(from 14 y.o.)
per child
(6-13 y.0.)
per child
(3-5 y.o.)
Mini Tipi
Tipi Tent
25 june 2022 – 02 july 2022€ 700,-€ 180,-€ 125,-€ 75,-€ 250,-€ 400,-
02 july 2022 – 09 july 2022N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
09 july 2022 – 16 july 2022N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
16 july 2022 – 23 july 2022N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
23 july 2022 – 30 july 2022€ 700,-€ 180,-€ 125,-€ 75,-€ 250,-€ 400,-
30 july 2022 – 06 august 2022N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
06 august 2022 – 13 august 2022N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
13 august 2022 – 20 august 2022N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
20 august 2022 – 27 august 2022€ 700,-€ 180,-€ 125,-€ 75,-€ 250,-€ 400,-
27 august 2022 – 03 september 2022€ 700,-€ 180,-€ 125,-€ 75,-€ 250,-€ 400,-
03 september 2022 – 10 september 2022€ 700,-€ 180,-€ 125,-€ 75,-€ 250,-€ 400,-
10 september 2022 – 17 september 2022€ 700,-€ 180,-€ 125,-€ 75,-€ 250,-€ 400,-
17 september 2022 – 24 september 2022€ 700,-€ 180,-€ 125,-€ 75,-€ 250,-€ 400,-
24 september 2022 – 01 October 2022€ 700,-€ 180,-€ 125,-€ 75,-€ 250,-€ 400,-
01 October 2022 – 08 October 2022€ 700,-€ 180,-€ 125,-€ 75,-€ 250,-€ 400,-

n/a = not available. Fully booked!

If you’re planning a stay of more then one week, the price will show up during the booking process when you select 14 or 21 days.


  • 8 days / 7 nights stay at Surflife Family Tocha
  • Tipi Tent with double bed (180*200) and 2 single beds (90*200)
    Including camping storage, lighting & electricity, dishes and cutlery.
    Additionally, each tent is equipped with sun loungers.
  • Comfortable mattresses, pillows and duvets including bedding
  • Daily breakfast buffet
  • 5x dinner including salad, main dish and dessert
  • 7 days usage surf material including surfboards and wetsuits
  • Access to communal area with basic kitchen equipment for own use (kettle, coffee machine, stoves, fridge, kitchen utensils and buffet area)
  • Access to Chill area with hammocks, lounge, tables and chairs, baby chairs, slacklines and more
  • Kids animation and nanny service during adult surf and yoga lessons
  • Multi-lingual surf camp crew
  • Configure your own activities package



  • Surf lessons for kids: 5 days of 1,5 hours/day in groups with 3-4 kids/teens per instructor € 175,-
  • Surf lessons for adult beginners: 5 days of 1,5 hours/day in groups with max. 8 students per instructor € 125,-
  • Surf coaching for experienced adults: 5 days of 1,5 hours/day in groups with max. 5 students per instructor including weekly video analysis session € 175,-


  • Lunch package: Sunday – Friday for €8,- per person/day. Kids can have a smaller sandwich with spread to their choice for only €5,-

Yoga & Wellness

  • Yoga lessons: 5x 1h yoga sessions at the beach/camp at the beginning or end of the day € 50,- (possible to prebook)