SINCE 1991


The journey of SURFLIFE started back in 1991 when founder Harry Glotzbach and a few friends decided to explore the summer months and went on a surf adventure to the French west coast. Coming from the 90’s snowboarding scene, surfing was something almost unheard of – and truly inspiring. This summer lead to the idea and creation of what Surflife is today. Started with one of the first Surf Camps at the French West-coast we’ve expanded to multiple locations in different countries for all kinds of guests.

Surflife lives and breathes through a family of people who follow their passion and live their lives to the fullest! By sharing our surf experience and organising surf camps, we aim to bring people together and give something back to society.

Surflife Family

Surflife is not Surflife without enthusiastic people. The nicest crew members at a great location, but only together can we make it an unforgettable experience. Together we create a place where, in addition to surfing, you can also be free, be yourself and meet like-minded people. Here are some of our crew members who are ready for you this summer!

Tom, Evy, Skip, Slater & Colapinto
Tom and Evy are the founders of the contemporary concept of Surflife. When Evy became a member of the Surflife Family in 2011, Tom was already an integral part of the camp. They are now their own family with Skip (7) and dachshunds Colapinto and Slater. Besides the summers in France, they spend their winters in Portugal on the Atlantic coast. They love nothing more than to share the free way of life with people, with the aim of letting other people experience the same feeling. Surfing together and enjoying everything that is inextricably linked to it. As the pivot of Surflife, they surround themselves every summer with a fixed group of people with the same mindset. Surf and enjoy it to the fullest.

Kalusha and Lisa find their greatest common denominator in this way of life. Both ended up at the camp as individuals in 2011 and 2014, but can no longer be thought of separately from each other. They also have their own family since the arrival of River (1) and their dog Georgie (2019). Kalusha prefers to get up early every morning to surf, Lisa is now more of a “good weather surfer”. They will be there again for the entire season next summer. Kalusha, together with Opper Tom and the crew, takes care of the construction of both camps in Mimizan and Lisa is mainly involved in all camp activities (bookings, administration, planning, checking in guests, etc).

Rixt is Lisa’s right-hand man this summer. This will be her fifth summer at Surflife, where she started out as an intern and has now grown into an all-knowing Family camp. As an enthusiastic host of the Family camp, she keeps an overview and ensures that everything runs smoothly. When there are good waves she likes to dive into the sea to shake everything off.

In addition to the right hand, the left hand can of course not be missed. Saar will start her third year at Surflife in Mimizan this summer. During these months she helps at the Family camp with everything from preparing breakfast, going out with the kids for sports and games activities to cuddling with the dachshund Colapinto. Surflife means ultimate freedom for her. In a beautiful environment with great people, only doing what she likes: sports, being outside, playing games, socializing, good food and making people happy. In short, Saar never sits still and she allows the summer to last forever.

Saar always comes together with Roman as part of a package deal. Our bilingual raised camp hero and flying keeper. In addition to providing the food at the camp for many years, he has developed into a true centipede in the past 2 years and is the all-rounder pur sang. Besides surfing, you often find him on a skateboard or behind his laptop to put together the game hit of the future.

Our surf instructor Pim is also a real snow freak and has many years of experience as a Snowboard teacher in the Alps. But if you really want to make him happy, it’s best to send him into the sea with a surfboard. Pim has evolved from ICT nerd to surf teacher and has been part of the Surflife team since 2011. He is full of energy giving surf lessons all summer. Besides teaching, he creates time to go surfing himself, because the feeling of freedom that comes with him when he paddles out in the sea he has not found anywhere else. Pim always looks forward to the season at Surflife, where he gets to spend the summer with friends who now feel like a second family.

As part of that family, Thom has also been on the beach of Surflife for 10 seasons to give surf lessons. Teaching is almost as satisfying as surfing yourself. Nothing better than seeing someone catch their first good wave and share that stoke. He wouldn’t trade that feeling for anything else. In winter he travels to far and warm places like Morocco, Costa Rica and Indonesia to surf as much as possible. The fact that every session is different makes him long for the next one when he leaves the water.


We are looking for a multilingual, hard working, fun and enthusiastic new team memberS to join our Surflife Family! We are looking for someone fluent in Dutch, German, Spanish and/or English, (any other languages are a massive bonus), who will help us deliver the best surf holidays possible. Check underneath for available jobs.

Please send us your application and CV asap to and we’ll contact you accordingly. Kindly enter the position you’re applying for in the subject line of your email. We look forward to hearing from you!



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