Atlantic Riders Surfcamp

The Surflife Atlantic Riders camp is located on the west coast of the Algarve between the small town of Aljezur and popular surfing beach Praia da Amoreira, with our own surf school. In this area you’ll be able to find good waves for any level all year round. There’s a reason the Algarve is immensely popular amongst surfers and that’s something you’ll notice! In all the towns you’ll find a true surf spirit mixed with the authentic Portuguese culture that can still be found everywhere on the west coast.

The relaxed surf vibe that fills our area can also be found on our camp. Your luxury double or quadruple tipi tent including bed with quality mattress is ready for you upon arrival. On the campground you’ll find (amongst other things) a swimming pool, supermarket, snack bar/restaurant and tennis court. After a day on the beach you can unwind and enjoy (live) music at our Chill Out and practice your surf stance on the Indo Balance Boards. Or join a yoga session for total relaxation and a dose of new energy. Surf, Music, Chill!

Prices Atlantic Riders Surf Camp 2016

The shared tents have 4 single beds.

Period fromPeriod toPrice per person/week
09-07-2016*30-09-2016*€ 175,-
  • Only weekly bookings (arrivals saturday or sunday)


  • Accommodation of choice
  • Breakfast every day
  • Use of Riders Playground with slack line and hammocks
  • Pick up and drop off transfers from/to Lagos & Aljezur
  • 4 free yoga lessons each week (2 morning- & 2 evening sessions)

Surf Packages

The Atlantic Riders Surfschool offers a 3-day surf course of 2x 2 hours: € 130,- per person and 5-day intensive surf course (recommended): € 200,- per person. Both courses include use of surf equipment (board, wetsuit & wax) during of the lessons. Our surf instructors are very experienced and know the area very well. They will take you to the best spot at the best time to surf.

We offer lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers.

All Packages include:
– Transport to the beach (for Lesson days + free days)
– Lunch provided at the beach on surf lesson days

Kite Packages

Beginner course:
• Theory and practice on a power kite
• Set up an inflatable kite
• Kite practice on land to learn to control the kite
• Downwind body dragging + upwind body dragging.
• Exercises to prepare for the board-starts

3 day course:
•Day 1: Optimize kite control (beginner course)
•Day 2: Optimize kite control and make your first meters?
•Dag 3: Sail your first meters and work towards independent practice.
Price: from € 260,- p.p. including gear

5 day course:
Most students are able to practice indepedently after 5 days or even do their first tricks!
Price: from € 360,- p.p. including gear

More courses available (see underneath with KITE)


Have you had surfing lessons before? Or just no space anymore to take your own surfboard and/or wetsuit? No problem, we have enough boards and suits for everyone.

– Surfboard € 10,- per person per day
– Wetsuit € 5,- per per person per day


Good food is essential for a good holiday. That’s why an extensive breakfast is included in the price. The camping offers a Bar, Restaurant, Mini Market and a free bbq area for your lunch and/or diners.

Not included

  • Airport transfers
  • Hand towel set (2 large towels Note: no beach towels) € 5,- per person per week
  • Reservation costs € 24,- per booking

STAY FROM €175,-

  • 7 night stay from € 175,-
  • Equipped tipi tent
  • Surf Chill Out™ (lounge, indo-boards, slackline, swimming pool, basketball field etc.)


  • 3 days Surf course € 130,-
  • 5 days Surf course € 200,-
  • 3 days Kite course € 260,-
  • 5 days Kite course € 360,-


  • Activities (a.o. party, bike tour, contest, yoga, skate)
  • Food (breakfast, beach buns & dinners)
  • Transfer (pick up airport and/or train station)

Create your personal Surflife trip!

You choose what Surflife trip will look like. It’s also possible to receive a quotation by e-mail. Check it out:


Our favorite surf spot is the popular beach ‘Praia de Amoreira’ but the Algarve isn’t called the California of Europe for nothing. There are around 20 different surf breaks within a half hour drive from Surflife Atlantic Riders. This means that you can find good surf for everyone all year round. No matter if you’re going to catch your first wave or are on the hunt for the perfect barrel. And those 300+ sunny days a year help a lot as well of course!

Surf package A

With this package you can make use of  the available Surf boards, body boards and Skim boards. Cost € 70,- per person per week (the price for a second week of this package  is € 65,-).

Surf package B

This package contains a theory lesson and 6×2 hour practical lessons over three days. It also includes surf board and wet suit use during class time and lunch on the beach during lesson days . Price € 150.00,- per person per week.

Surf package C

This package includes 10 x 2 hour lessons over 5 days.  Equipment use and lunch are included on lesson days. The  price for five days of surf lessons is € 225.00

Surf package D

If you are already happy surfing independently and would just like a ride to the beach and lunch you can book this for € 7.00 per day

Choose from all sorts of surfboards, from shortboards, and mini-malibus to longboards. These surfboards are of good quality and made by well known brands like NSP, Southpoint, BIC, Surftech and Victory. You can also choose from soft-top surfboards of different sizes which are perfect for surf lessons and starting surfers. Or have some fun with our bodyboards with flippers and a range of skimboards.

Portuguese summers might be hot, the water will always be a bit chilly. Therefore you’ll want to wear a full wetsuit even on lovely sunny days. We rent out O’Neill wetsuits of top quality and during surf lessons the rental of a wetsuit is included. Rental of a full suit (long sleeves and legs) costs € 15 a day. You can choose between wetsuits for men and women in different sizes.

Surflife Atlantic Riders offers professional surf lessons for all levels taught by experienced and qualified instructors. They are passionate about teaching you how to surf. Surfing is a water sport that requires a lot of patience and good instruction. By taking surf lessons you can speed up the learning process significantly and quickly catch your first wave. This way you’ll get to know the basics of surfing in only a few days time. Got the basics worked out already? Lessons will still be ideal to learn to catch better waves and to perfect your take-offs, turns and other skills. Whether you’re beginner, intermediate or advanced, Surflife Atlantic Riders has the perfect lesson package for you.


As kitesurfer you’re dependent on both wind and water conditions. Do you want to learn to kitesurf? Then be aware of the fact that there is no place in the world where (good) wind can be guaranteed.

You can increase your chance of good wind conditions enormously by booking your trip with us in the windy months June, July and August. During these months a steady northwestern wind comes up around lunchtime which is usually strong enough for a kitesurf session. Outside of these months good windy days do come by but less regularly.

You want to take a kite course with us but are not available in June, July or August? It’s always possible to book accommodation with us. If the conditions allow, we have a kitesurf instructor available for you. And if the wind is a bit disappointing, you can always choose to join a surf lesson, SUP tour or one of the many other activities on and around our lodge.

Surflife Atlantic Riders offers several packages that vary in amount of hours and number of students per instructor. This means there is always a package available that suits your needs. Kitesurfing is an extreme sport but with the right instruction and gear you’ll be able to keep it perfectly safe. It’s important to have basic control over the kite before you go on and practice by yourself. Of course it depends per person how many instruction you’ll need to get to this point. At the end of your course you can receive an IKO card which allows you to demonstrate you skill level anywhere in the world. This card is often a requirement in case you want to rent gear.

Which package should I choose?
You’ll start with choosing between private lessons, private for two or a group lesson.

  • Private lessons means you have the kite and the instructor all for you during the hours you booked.
  • With private for two, you share the kite and instructor with one other student. We recommend this option because you will receive constant instruction (even when you are not holding the kite yourself) but also digest all the information, get your adrenaline levels back to normal and watch and learn from the actions of your fellow student.
  • Group lessons is the cheapest option by the hour. You’ll share the instructor with three other students and work with one or two kites total depending on the conditions. There will be less direct instructions per hour but the instructor will never loose sight of you and you’ll always still learn from the actions of your fellow students.

The average amount of hours taught is 3 hours per day. But depending on the conditions this can vary daily. In the Alvor lagoon we almost always kitesurf on an offshore wind. This means that you’ll have to be able to execute the basics of going ‘upwind’ to be able to continue practice on your own.
With ‘private for two’ lessons it takes the average student about 9 to 12 hours to get to this level. Of course you can always choose to book less hours if you’ve already got some experience with kitesurfing or just want to get the feel of this awesome sport. Don’t worry about booking too many hours because there is always a new trick to learn!

Beginner course:
• Theory and practice on a power kite
• Set up an inflatable kite
• Kite practice on land to learn to control the kite
• Downwind body dragging + upwind body dragging.
• Exercises to prepare for the board-starts

3 day course:
•Day 1: Optimize kite control (beginner course)
•Day 2: Optimize kite control and make your first meters?
•Dag 3: Sail your first meters and work towards independent practice.
Price: from € 260,- p.p. including gear

5 day course:
Most students are able to practice indepedently after 5 days or even do their first tricks!
Price: from € 360,- p.p. including gear

Private lessons: 
1 instructor to 1 student

  • Lessons is fully adapted to pace and learning curve of the student
  • Student is ‘on the kite’ at all times

Price: € 75,- p.p. per hour including gear

Private for two
1 instructor to 2 students

  • Students share 1 kite equally
  • Students always assist each other on the kite and thereby learn from each others actions and the instructor’s pointers as well
    Price: € 50,- p.p. per hour including gear

Book a full package in advance to receive a discount on the price!

We usually teach 3 to 4 hours per day depending on the conditions. Departure time depends on the wind and is usually after lunch when it picks up strength.

  • Setting up the gear together. (Using personal gear? The instructor can check the condition of your safety systems if wanted.)
  • Spot assessment
  • If necessary – refreshment of upwind bodydrag and waterstart basics
  • Pointers for sailing upwind
  • Pointers for jumps and tricks

(If wanted, the instructor can continue to keep an eye on you after this course)

Call or just drop by for more information about prices and availability.

The advanced lessons/guiding is available for kitesurfers who are confident with the basics of the sport and want to improve faster with the guidance of an instructor. Did you follow your basic course somewhere else? Or planning to stay at Surflife Atlantic Riders for a longer time and wanting to get the most out of it? Just contact us for more information, prices and availability.

Advanced basic course:

  • Water starting
  • Safe turns
  • Going upwind
  • Gear and conditions theory

Advanced plus (when able to properly execute advanced basic):

  • First jumps
  • Backroll/frontroll
  • Transition jumps
  • Unhooked sailing
  • Wave kiting


Surfing and music are a perfect match and a music lover will feel very much at home with Surflife Atlantic Riders. Enjoy live guitar music and performances of local and not so local artists during our Live Music Night. But you can also show everyone your own musical skills during the Open Mic Night. Feel like hitting town for a night? We regularly check out the best parties in our area. Join the music!

How much fun is it to surprise your fellow surfers with your amazing voice, beautiful guitar play, flowing rap lyrics or maybe even comedy skills? During Open Mic night it’s your time to shine! Bring your guitar, triangle and mostly yourself and show us what you’ve got. To help you out we’ve brought some instruments like a guitar, tambourine and samba balls to the stage as well. Shine bright like a diamond!

Enjoy live music during the Live Music Night. Chill out with the guitar sounds of Aljezur’s Jack Johnson or dance off the sand on the funky beats of local and not so local bands, artists, guitar players and other musicians.

Your surf trip won’t be complete without a relaxed Beach Night. Chill out with a group like-minded surfers on the beach at night accompanied by cold beers or good glass of wine. Bring out the guitar and the beach vibe is complete.


The Surflife Atlantic Riders surf camp is located in the middle of the stunning Costa Vincentina nature park. From here it’s only a five minute drive to the town of Aljezur where you’ll find many restaurants, bars, and (surf) shops. The closest beach is only a half an hour walk down the road but you can hop on the daily beach shuttles as well. On the camp grounds you’ll find (amongst others) a swimming pool, supermarket, bar/restaurant, playing fields and tennis court.

You’ll stay in a luxury two to four persons tipi tent that allows you to stand up straight while inside. A bed with quality mattress is included so all you have to bring yourself is a sleeping bag, pillow and flashlight. The tents are located on large spots on our private part of the camping and near the main entrance and all facilities.

After a day of surf and beach life you want to be able to chill out. The centre of our grounds is the Chill Out tent with benches and tables to socialize and loungers filled with pillows and bean-bags to plump into while enjoying a good book or some music. You can also use the cooking facilities that are available in this tent.

Breakfast Buffet
Wake up and join our breakfast buffet with bread, a variety of sweet and savory fillings, cereal, fresh fruit, milk, orange juice and a daily specialty.

Sweet stuff
After a day in the water one cookie more won’t do any harm. Our own Helen sells her irresistibly tasty cookies in many local restaurants and of course you’ll find them at our camp as well.

Surf-BBQ & Meals
During your trip you should definitely join our tasty surf BBQ with fresh dishes prepared by our own chefs. We always turn these night into a party with delicious food, some drinks and lots of music. The price is only 10 euros pp. On the other nights you can always make use of the dining facilities offered by the camping like the large and covered BBQ area, snack bar, restaurant and our own cooking facilities in the central tent. Or join us on a visit to one of the local restaurants.

Culinary Adventures
Once a week you can join our shuttle service to the best restaurants around like the tasty and cheap Cafe Andre, the popular surf restaurant Hello Sailor at Arrifana or the Portuguese restaurant Sitio do Forno where you’ll enjoy delicious food with a sea view. There are many more options to choose from so there’s always something of your liking!

You may book the breakfast and meals directly with your reservation or make the decision to join on site after arriving at our lodge.

Surfing and yoga complement each other perfectly. Surfing is pretty intense and nothing helps better against sore muscles then a good ‘stretch and relax’ yoga session. Besides that, yoga is the perfect training for a powerful surf stance. You can join our yoga lessons taught by our own certified instructor on site and free of charge.

Surflife Atlantic Riders Surfcamp

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