Surflife has been organizing awesome surf trips to the best surf spots on the French and Portuguese coast since 1991. Being surfers ourselves, we want to share this passion with you and give you the most amazing surf trip ever. Our slogan is ‘Surf, Music, Chill’.

Although our trips revolve around surfing, we offer many other activities like beach volleyball, SUP tours, slacklining, longboard skating and yoga as well. You’ll also find great parties and music by DJ’s, singer-songwriters and live-bands like Ten Hut, Chef’Special and Jack and the Weatherman. And of course you can enjoy delicious food, have a good sleep in our comfortable tents or apartments and relax at our hammock areas.

Many surfers started at Surflife. Our destinations are surf spots with consistent waves and conditions which are suitable for surfers of all levels. The atmosphere at our surf trips is legendary.

Are you into surfing and parties? Check out O’Neill Surf Camp Mimizan (France). Do you want even more emphasis on surfing and relaxed vibes? Visit O’Neill Surflife Carcans (close to Lacanau – France). Is it quiet surf spots you’re looking for? Then O’Neill Surflife Explorers with beach bikes at Carcans is a good choice. And at our new destination Surflife Atlantic Riders in the Portuguese Algarve you’ll find world class waves combined with a true surf spirit. Whatever your destination of choice: Surf, Music, Chill!


Surf, music & chill


Every surfer knows it: after you’re first wave you’re hooked to surfing forever. The ocean gives you relaxation and energy at the same time. Catch your first wave in no-time with the surf lessons by our licensed surf instructors. Try all sorts of surfboards: from short- to longboards. Or choose to go SUP-ing, body boarding and skim boarding. For the tarmac surfers amongst you, we’ve got longboard skateboards by Durkes and Sector 9. Experienced surfers can choose to join our surf clinics or our new O’Neill Surflife Explorers trip in Carcans-Oceans where we use beach bikes to explore the coast in search of empty surf line-ups.


At Surflife, we love live music and parties! What’s better then to enjoy a live band or singer-songwriter. Many well known surf bands have visited us, like Chef’Special, Jack and the Weatherman, TentemPies, Marne, Pat Smith (Splendid) and Friends of the Family. Also great is our Open Mic night where everyone can listen to your own skills while enjoying a glass of fresh Sangria. Our why not put on your dancing flip-flops for our DJ’s (like June, Tom Trago, Dab and Chaos) at the legendary Surflife Dance Party.


To complete your Surflife experience, you’ll find a relaxed surf vibe at all our destinations. Discover our chill-out spots with hammocks and loungers, jump on one of our skate boards or Indo Boards, loosen up during yoga, or check-out surf movies in our surf bar. Our ‘surf food’ is tasty, fresh and lovingly prepared by our personal chef’s. Wake up to the smells of an extensive breakfast buffet and enjoy the delicious party during our surf BBQ.